VascuScience has been involved in or has supervised the following projects (i.a.):

• Trial investigating the efficacy of endovascular treatment of carotid arterial disease with stent

• Treatment of a de-novo lesion in    coronary arteries with DES

• Assessment of PTX eluting balloon vs POBA in the SFA and A.pop to prevent re-stenosis

• Trial comparing    DEB vs. DEB in symptomatic fem-pop artery disease

   DEB after atherectomy to inhibit restenosis in in-stent fem-pop obstructions

    DES vs bypass surgery for the treatment of fem-pop TASC C&D lesions

• Efficacy of a    DEB for the treatment of fem-pop lesions > 15 cm (TASC C&D)

   Single blind, randomized trial comparing DEB with POBA for treatment of fem-pop arteries

• Evaluation of a    DES vs. DEB for treatment of symptomatic PAD of the fem-pop arteries

Atherectomy and DEB angioplasty in treatment of long infrapopliteal lesions

• Trial investigating the implant of a DES in critically ischemic BTK lesions

Adventitial infusion of a drug via micro-infusion catheter to reduce restenosis in BTK after PTA

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